Show Dates (2014)

4/18/14 to 4/19/14 Ingrown Fest at Warren Wilson/ House Show in Asheville
Human Energy Field, Axxa/Abraxas, Lunar Creature, Oariana, Derek Poteat, Kimathi Moore, Lambo Doors, Matthew Barlow, Orto Stro, Mew Gull, Southern Racing Inferno

6/14/14 The Electric Maid in Washington, DC 8:00 PM $10 donation
with Den-Mate, Batteroi, The Good for Nothings

10/19/14 – Illuminated Paths showcase at the Mothlight in Asheville
w/ Treasure Hunt, Human Energy Field, Afrika Pseudobruitismus, Kurma, Digital Natives, etc.

Show Dates (2013)

4/14/13 Apothecary w/ Romannis Mötte, Oariana

Anubis Rude, Human Energy Field w/ Clang Quartet,
XAMBUCA, Cult of Riggonia, First Dog, Medicine Calf, Bank of Christ, Bryce Eiman, so many more

5/18/13 – Asheville Electro-music Festival – The Masonic Temple
Anubis Rude, Human Energy Field (5/17) w/ Villages (5/17), Andy Loebs, Hypnic Jerk

Show Dates (2012)

1/5/12 – Karate Dungeon w/ Three Brained Robot
2/10/12 – HEADWAY at Izzy’s Coffee Den w/ HOUSEFIRE, Plaens
4/8/12 – Linden House w/ Dolphin Mouth, Merryl
7/24/12 – Blend w/ Electrophonic Ghost, Time Lincoln
10/21/12 – Notes From the Underground w/ Oariana and the Master Cylinders
10/28/12 – Apothecary w/ Kangarot, Difference Clouds, Kurma

Show Dates (2011)

4/1/11 – The Boiler Room w/ Balloon Animal Farm, Wyla
4/2/11 – UNC Asheville Quad
5/5/11 – Nightlight w/ Lukas Ligeti, Balloon Animal Farm, Drum Scum
6/3/11 – Ingrown Fest w/ Bryce Eiman, Balloon Animal Farm, Drum Scum, Electrophonic Ghost



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